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After being injured in a car accident, you are not in the best shape to protect your interests. You or a passenger may be physically injured; your vehicle may be smashed and you are emotionally wound up. Too much is going on for you to think clearly, especially if a trip to the emergency room is involved. Even if you can return home quickly, protecting yourself legally may not be a priority for you. However, it should be. You cannot count on insurance companies or the other drivers to do the right thing. Most vehicle accident victims need the services of a good lawyer.

Determining Liability

To get the financial settlement that you deserve, you have to prove that the other party is liable. Sometimes, this task is difficult to do, even if you have witnesses and a police report. No one is eager to admit an accident was their fault, and their insurance company may back them in this denial. You could end up with a serious financial loss with no settlement on the horizon if you do not have the legal advice that you need.

Statute of Limitations

You only have a limited amount of time (called a statute of limitations) to sue for damages. In Georgia, this term is two years for personal injury cases, although other states may have a different time period. A skilled attorney can begin building your case immediately while witnesses and other evidence is readily available. If you delay, your chance to sue might disappear.

Delayed Physical Issues

After an accident, you may feel okay other than a little soreness, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t been hurt. Some injuries do not manifest for weeks or even months after a collision. Soft tissue injuries such as whiplash can cause you extreme pain that gets worse with time. Head injuries are also complicated. You can experience long-term problems after a concussion that aren’t immediately apparent. A lawyer can protect you when you suffer from these delayed physical issues.

Complex State Laws

Each state has it’s own laws when it comes to personal injury legislation. Unless you have been trained in the law, you are unlikely to adequately protect yourself legally. It’s possible that the other driver will sue you, claiming you were at fault. Expert legal protection is absolutely necessary to protect your financial interests.

Peace of Mind

If you think you might need a lawyer, you should consult one. After a collision, you should always err on the side of caution. When your “gut” tells you that you might be in trouble, you probably are. Instead of guessing, consult a skilled attorney.

Expert Help

For most people, finding the right lawyer can be confusing, especially if they haven’t been involved in a lawsuit in the past. Atlanta Accident Advice removes this confusion by offering you free, helpful advice. They will immediately find you an experienced accident attorney as well as expert medical help through their extensive professional network. This help comes with no obligation or pressure. The staff at Atlanta Accident Advice can assist you even if the other driver has no insurance. With the help of Atlanta Accident Advice, you will not be left on the hook for a collision that was not your fault. For more information, call (678)-INJ-URED.