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Car Accident Next Steps

The number of motor vehicle accidents in the United States remains at an alarming high. In 2017, 4.57 million people received injuries in vehicle collisions that required medical attention. Tens of thousands of victims died as a result of their injuries. Unfortunately, vehicle accidents are both common and complicated. At some point in your lifetime, you may well be involved in one of these incidents.

If you are in an accident, finding the right doctor for medical treatment is essential, but you cannot afford to stop there. You also need to seek expert legal help. Often, vehicle accidents result in high medical costs as well as short-term or long-term disability. You may face insurance difficulties, be sued by the other driver or face other difficulties. If so, you’ll need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the aftermath of your accident.

When to Hire an Attorney

Immediately after a collision, finding a lawyer may not seem like a priority, but it should be. Many situations demand expert legal help it. In fact, experts recommend hiring an attorney in the following accident situations:

  • Someone is seriously hurt or killed in the collision
  • One driver is clearly at fault
  • The accident will keep you from working for more than a day or two
  • Your insurance company is not supportive
  • You have no or inadequate vehicle insurance
  • You disagree with the police report

If you do not move to protect your rights as well as your health, you could end up with a huge financial crisis on your hands – one that could take years to resolve. In fact, you could be hit with legal action years after the accident, depending on the state where the collision took place. Getting advice immediately helps protect you in the long and short term.

When to Seek Medical Attention

You should always seek medical attention after you have been in a vehicle collision. The symptoms of some injuries do not appear until hours, days or even weeks after the initial incident. Spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries and soft tissue injuries need to be accessed by an experienced physician so that you can get the appropriate treatment and prevent injuries from worsening. A physician will also properly document your treatment, which will help you in any legal action.

Atlanta Accident Advice

After an accident, you are likely to be overwhelmed by these health and legal issues. Fortunately, Atlanta Accident Advice can help you manage all of your post-accident needs. They offer you free and immediate advice, including connecting you to the right doctors and lawyers for your situation. You will have access to free medical and legal services, allowing you to relax and recover from your injuries. Simply call (678)-INJ-URED or fill out their online contact form. Their services are available 24/7 to those in the Atlanta area and come with no obligation.

Vehicle accidents are all too common and often result in serious physical injuries and complicated legal situations. Trying to navigate these issues on your own can leave you in financial trouble and legal jeopardy. Remember, you always need a medical evaluation after an accident, and you may well need the help of an experienced lawyer. Don’t try and manage on your own. Get free help from Atlanta Accident Advice.