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Medical Care After A Car Accident

Whether you are involved in a fender bender or a serious head-on collision, you need the services of an experienced doctor. Too often, accident victims misdiagnose themselves, believing that no laceration or serious pain equals no injury. In fact, many injuries do not fully reveal themselves for sometime after the collision. Also, patients are sometimes in shock after the event and do not realize that they have been hurt. To protect yourself, you need to seek immediate medical attention from an accident injury specialist.

Common Accident Injuries

Vehicle collisions commonly cause a number of injury types, including fractures, traumatic brain injuries and soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries include sprains as well as various contusions and conditions like tendinitis. Whiplash frequently results from vehicle accidents because the impact snaps your head forward and backward, straining the muscles and tendons in your neck. Symptoms such as headaches, neck pain and limited neck motion usually appear within 24 hours but can take several weeks to manifest.

Serious leg fractures are also common. Breaking your femur is difficult to do since it is the strongest bone in your body. However, these fractures can happen during motor vehicle accidents because you tend to brace yourself before impact. Of course, any bone is vulnerable to injury during an accident, and some of these injuries are hard to detect without the proper imaging. The symptoms caused by these injuries may not appear for hours or days, so experts recommend seeking an immediate medical evaluation after any collision.

Finding the Right Doctor

After an accident, you may be tempted to visit the emergency room or your local urgent care facility. Those doctors may be able to treat you, but they are not always skilled in documenting injuries in case of insurance difficulties or legal action. Also, these facilities will expect payment. Financial issues or lack of insurance can prevent you from getting the treatments necessary to facilitate a full recovery.

Even if you have received treatment at an emergency room or other facility, you may need the services of an accident injury specialist. ER doctors are sometimes overwhelmed by seeing dozens of patients in a short period of time. Following up with a specialist can protect you from long-term problems.

Atlanta Accident Advice

Finding the right doctor is simple when you consult Atlanta Accident Advice. They provide free 24/7 service to accident victims in the Atlanta area, which includes connecting you to the best doctors and legal professionals available. In turn, these professionals will offer you free services, allowing you to focus on your recovery. You will get help with your physical condition as well as gain the legal protection that you need.

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When you’ve been injured in an accident, you need help in finding the expert care and advice that you need. Atlanta Accident Advice can connect you with the services that you need.