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When you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, finding a lawyer isn’t your biggest problem. There are thousands of personal injury lawyers at your disposal. However, you may have trouble finding a quality attorney. Many fine personal injury lawyers are available, but you will need help in separating them from those who are less successful in their legal practices. As you search for the perfect expert to help you win your case, keep the following tips in mind.

Locate Good Candidates

Only in the movies is it a good idea to choose an attorney based solely on their advertising. You can get recommendations from your family and friends that may be helpful. You should also ask your state’s bar association to help. But the best way to “weed out” lesser attorneys is to find out what their peers think. When looking for a personal injury lawyer, ask other lawyers you’ve worked with for their opinion. Did your divorce attorney win big for you? If so, they are an excellent source of advice in this area.

Interview Your Candidates

Many attorneys give prospective clients a free initial consultation. They use this opportunity to access your case’s chance for success. It is also your chance to access the lawyer’s ability. Treat the consultation as if you were an employer looking to fill an opening. Experts suggest that you ask several key questions, including:

  • How long have you practiced law?
  • How long have you represented accident victims?
  • What is your record of wins for your accident victim clients?
  • How high are your fees and how do you collect them?
  • Where did you go to school?
  • What are your professional credentials?

You will quickly get a sense of their people skills and their experience level. If they are reluctant to give specific answers to your questions, mark them off your list.

Look for the Money

A good legal aid lawyer or a local prosecutor are not going to bring in the big bucks, but a successful personal injury lawyer should be making good money. Although it may seem crass, checking out the attorney’s lifestyle is a good indication of their success level. Is their office nice and well-maintained? Do they wear quality clothing? Do they display exotic vacation pics? Your lawyer doesn’t have to be flashy, but they do need to be successful. If their car is 20 years old and their office needs a coat of paint, they are not the legal representative for you. In this case, superficial details count.

Atlanta Accident Advice

Finding an acceptable lawyer may not be difficult, but finding a great one is more challenging. You want someone who has years of experience and a sterling settlement record. Fortunately, Atlanta Accident Advice can help you find an attorney able to deliver financial justice for your accident. In addition to getting you the best attorney possible, they can also help you find excellent medical care.

Atlanta Accident Advice uses their extensive professional network to locate the experts you need to recover from your injuries and pursue your court case. This advice comes with absolutely no obligation or pressure to use their services. And they specialize in assisting you through difficult situations, such as when the other driver has no insurance.

When you’ve been the victim of an accident in the Atlanta area, call (678)-INJ-URED. That way you’ll end up with a skilled attorney and not just an average lawyer.