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I don’t have insurance, how much will care cost?

Even if you may be at fault, we can still help you find care without paying anything out of pocket.

Who would be paying my medical bills?

Don’t worry. The person that hit you will not be the one paying your medical bills. Medical bills will go through their insurance company.  

What if the person that caused the accident doesn’t have insurance, or it was a hit-and-run?

Not to worry, you can still get treatment! You should never let fear of paying for medical care stop you from seeking the care you need. Let us provide you with next steps to get there.

Do I need to use an attorney? And how do I find an attorney I can trust?

We can help you determine whether an attorney is necessary for your case. It is always best to go with your gut. Always meet with the attorney first, and keep in mind you don’t have to choose the first one that comes along. If you don’t already have an attorney in mind, we have a network of trustworthy attorneys that would be happy to help you.

Who should I call after an accident?

You should always call an accident injury specialist who will know exactly what care you need. Also, calling the doctor will validate that you have been seriously injured to the insurance company.

Do I need a police report to seek professional care after an accident?

No, you do not need a police report to receive care.

Do I have to have a recorded statement or speak with the insurance company of the person at-fault before seeking care?

Absolutely not! It is important to seek medical care right away.

Can I seek professional care from an accident injury specialist if I already went to the emergency room?

Even if the emergency room said nothing was wrong, it is important to remember that the ER deals with very serious life-threatening injuries. Follow-up care with a specialist can reveal many minor latent injuries that the ER didn’t catch. Seek follow-up care to ensure that you won’t have any long-term problems resulting from this accident.